Sergio Scabar

(Ronchi dei Legionari, 1946 – 2019)


Sergio Scabar is an enthusiastic photographer who discovered his vocation in 1964. Between 1966 and 1974, he occasionally participated in national and international photography competitions, using the medium primarily as a means of narration and documentation. However, in the '80s, his artistic expression took a different direction: the human being gradually lost its central role in his vision, and Scabar turned his curiosity towards nature, emphasizing the material and conceptual elements of his works.

A turning point in Scabar's career was his project "Il Teatro delle cose" in 1996, which marked the beginning of an alchemical printing process using silver salts to produce unique pieces. This artisanal approach to working with photography set his work apart from his previous pieces, highlighting his direct engagement with materials, the recovery of traditional techniques, meticulousness, and respect for time. In particular, Scabar committed himself to precise calibration of dark tones, utilizing chemical and sensory relationships in a process aimed at uncovering the profound nature of creativity.

The artist exhibited his works in various private galleries and institutions in Italy and abroad, receiving recognition for his contribution to the field of artistic photography. His artistic transformation, from human storytelling to engagement with nature and alchemical experimentation, reveals a path rich in thoughts and dedication to the search for creative essence.

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