Sergio Scabar

Sergio Scabar

(Ronchi dei Legionari, 1946 – 2019)

Teatrino di cose


Alchemical silver print

34.5 × 49.5 cm / 13.46 × 19.3 in


Signed and inscribed on the back


Teatrino di cose – Sergio Scabar – 2015
Item details

Visiting his studio is like entering a parallel dimension where time is suspended, lights are delicate, and art is breathed in deeply. An aura of an artist-craftsman from another era surrounds Sergio Scabar. He personally completes all aspects of his works: from composition to capturing the moment, from development to framing.


The compositions, rich in cultural references, are perfectly balanced and simple. However, it is in this simplicity that one reads and deciphers Scabar's grammar, which has always punctuated his exploration. Humble objects must belong to him to be immortalized in his magical and atmospheric light.


Development is an alchemical process that gives life to unique pieces. His photographs transcend the typical technique and become unrepeatable works of art. The atmosphere that Scabar manages to convey in his works is the same as one breathes in his studio. An atmosphere where the simple contains an entire world, where objects emerge from the darkness and are gradually revealed by refined light. An elegy of the minimal, everyday elements ennobled in the world of art.


The frames complete the work, all crafted by Scabar himself. Each image is conceived with a specific dimension and shape in perfect balance. The measurements, always contained, invite the viewer to approach, to discover the various works with due slowness. The photographed objects seem to slowly unveil themselves to the eyes of the observer as they emerge from the darkness.


In Scabar's work, emptiness and darkness are crucial; his is a "subtractive" and controlled, refined work capable of achieving the essence of objectivity. As he himself has stated: "I love the life of things, and I am fascinated by Morandi's silent world."

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